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LOS ROQUES "The national Park of the Caribbean"

What to Bring.
Sun cream first off all, the sun is very strong in Los Roques, shorts, t-shirts, swimming suits, beach towel, snorkeling equipment, sneakers, camera, fishing gear and plenty of hooks if your going fishing.

Cash US$ or local Bolivares.

There is an ATM cash machine in Plaza Bolivar in Gran Roque.

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere.

The National Park entrance fee is around $15 per person.

There is no doubt that the marine setting of Los Roques is one of the most beautiful and special of the Caribbean and of the world and that its coral reefs are among the best preserved. The archipelago is protected by two reef barriers: One that goes from north to south by some 24 kilometers and protects the archipelago from eastern currents and a second barrier that runs some 32 kilometers from east to west.

Los Roques is similar in size to that of the Virgin Islands..

Los Roques is located 157 kilometers north of Venezuela's central coast, between 11°43' and 11°58' latitude north and 66° 53' and 66° 57' longitude west. The entire park has an area 2.251 KM2 spreading 46 kilometers from east to west and 26.6 kilometers from north to south. Los Roques is similar to coral atolls of the Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 42 keys of coral origin, and a great number of sand bars, arranged in a oval shape around a shallow central lagoon.

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