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LOS ROQUES "Caracas Airport Pickup and Transfers"

Caracas Airport: (Refer to only if you are connecting through Caracas.) Make sure you pick up all baggage and re-check it on the flight to Los Roques the next day (you will propably have to overnight in Caracas or close to the airport. Since the latest flight to Los Roques leaves at 16.00 hours) The cost of a porter to carry your luggage from the international terminal to the domestic terminal is between $7 and $10. Always ask what the charge will be in advance. (Cuanto Cuesta?) Do not give your luggage to anyone who does not have an official I.D. name tag and NEVER give him or her your tickets or passports.

Hotel in Caracas or close to the airport: If you need to over night on the mainland, we recommend the Hotel Ole or Hotel Eduard, Santiago or the Hotel Katimar. Located approximately 20 minutes from the Caracas Airport. This eliminates going into the city of Caracas. For reservations please contact our air specialist at: (+58) 212 2870517 or send us an e-mail. (Transfer from Maiquetia to Caracas is $40).
Departure Tax: If you are leaving on a flight which connects in Caracas, there is a departure tax of $39 US paid in Caracas. These taxes and exchange rates are subject to change and do so regularly.

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