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Sailing adventure in Los Roques, cruising.

After we have lunch we are ready to go back to Gran Roque, we lift sails and we pass by an narrow strait, between Crasqui and San Augustin island, from Crasqui there is a huge sandy shallow spot where everyone wonders how it is possible to sail through, this passage is one of the most beautiful ones, as in the passage between Sarqui and Espenqui, you will enjoy this a lot on board of a sail boat, it is a one of a kind trip. Hereafter we are heading for Madrizqui and Cayo Pirata -united by a water passage similar to the one in Espenqui and Cayo de Agua, the bay of Cayo Pirata is beautiful and calm, has high and big mangroves, they look like trees. On lobster's season this is a kind of sales place where there are some fishermen's houses where lobster can be bought at a good price. In Madrizqui, there is a wide space to anchor, sometimes there is too much tide and it is best to go to Gran Roque or Francisqui for the night.

Cayo muerto

There are three keys, Francisqui de arriba, del medio y Abajo. The sail boats anchor in front of Francisqui del medio, here it is located the famous natural pool (la Piscina) excellent for snorkeling, this is one of the safest places to anchor, as well as Carenero, it is a bay protected by mangroves. There are some other anchoring spots; it is best to visit them when there's not much wind. They are the famous Pelonas (small islands with little or no vegetation at all), they are small islands of 20 to 40 meters, and among the most famous ones there is Cayo Muerto.
In the end, any of these anchoring spots has its own charm, its own personality that makes of each one an unique experience because every day there is something going on, depending on what you decide to do, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, angling, eating, sigh seeing, studying, reading, sailing... Sailing challenging the wind, using it to move, avoiding the sandy shallow spots and reefs; mastering the boat, our transportation, our sweet home, the only place where we will be safe to the end of our days. The End.... by Iveth & Henrik

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