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Sailing adventure in Los Roques, Bequeve Island.

Bequeve is really beautiful, it is located in front of Cayo de Agua, enjoy these three islands, either on a sailing boat or in small boat leaving from Gran Roque. The best time to do it is the season of August, when there's not much wind. Bequeve has some kind of river, waters which communicates with the other side of the beach, we call it the Golden River, the legend says that in 1605 one of Luis Fernando de Cordoba's ship suffered a wreckage close to the islands of Barlovento with a load of gold and pearls from Cubagua and Cumana, in the archives of the western Indies, there's a map, that makes a reference point for the survivors, where it says that has this kind of river, the only one that has such characteristics and some similarity with the map is Bequeve.

The sailing back is made with the sun at our backs, it means in the afternoon, against the wind, this sailing is really nice because it is made full use of the wind to achieve a great speed, the boat starts to prop and all the crew is ready to help to move from one side of the board to the other, all of them are very well trained, the second time they change their side it is made almost automatically everyone knows its duty. We can stop at Carenero or move on towards the next island which would be Crasqui, as it is a long trip, we start organizing dinner in land, in Forita's house, she has a menu that we always have every time we stop here, her husband goes fishing every day and she cooks it grilled or roasted with its complimentary dishes, an special sauce, which secret we could not disclosed, some small and delicious pound cakes with its respective coffee.
Crasqui is a calm beach, there are buoys that are more or less close to the shore, you can go swimming early in the morning but it is not advisable because there are boats coming in and out. The beach is quite big as for taking a walk, there's a road of Botutos that lead to the beach and another one to a small pool to practice snorkeling. >>

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