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Sailing adventure in Los Roques, Carenero. (Quoted best anchorage in the Caribbean by Donald Street & Henrik Bratfeldt)

Carenero is very special because of our dear lobster fishermen friends, Juancho, Julian the poet and Ezequiel, Ezequiel passes by in the morning with Maria to say hello. Maria is a bird that travels with Ezequiel in the boat's prow, at full speed it stands and tries to hold on with its legs as a surfer on its surfboard. Ezequiel as a Park warden visits friends and make friends with strangers, offering his house so that we can come and visit him. His house actually works as an entrance for the auxiliary boats, behind his house there is an small trail of Botutos that leads to a beautiful pool, Ezequiel always advises the people who want to do some snorkeling not to get close to the mouth, and to they care of the tide, always concerned about everyone and very kind, when we all of us are at "EI Rancho del Amor" as he named it, he begins to play with his strings, or he starts answering to everything people wants to know about a person like him, you can see it in his face, in his hands, he is like "the old man and the sea" but apart from catching lobsters he always tries to catch a girlfriend, he is in love with life and women, he loves them all, he flatters them but always in a very respectful and old fashion way. Every time we have a chance in the lobster's season we spend all day preparing the grilled lobsters and fish. Ezequiel has some sort of galley where there is a big griller and a big dinning table, what we always do is that we prepare all the other dishes in the boat, we fill the icebox with whatever we are going to drink and we also take some potatoes, tomatoes and onions with us, wrapped in aluminum foil to be cooked on the grill too.

From Carenero the navigation timing changes and the next day we can leave a bit before lunch time so that the sun lightens all the angles, heading towards Dos Mosquises, even tough it is very famous because of its marine station and its turtles kept in captivity, the anchoring, depending on the season of the year can be quite rocky and moving. Cayo de Aqua is very famous because of its holes and the brackish water that allows the fishermen to stop on their long journeys, using some of this water to drink and cook, as well as Dos Mosquises these keys are located in open sea, the water has a beautiful color but the movement of it does not allow you to see the bottom, sometimes there's swelling sea and sometimes the boats of the day tours don't go to these keys because the boats can't reach the shore because of the waves. >> (Ezequiel is now dead - but there are still a few personalities living in Carenero like Julian)...

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