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Sailing adventure - arriving at Sarky Island

Arriving there is a beautiful passage, it is one of my favorites, it is bit that only can be enjoyed while passing trough in a sail boat, from the sail boat you can see both beaches, you pass between Espenqui and Sarqui, and at Espenqui there is a sand trail similar to the one in Cayo de Agua, sometimes there is more sand and some times the waves cross to both sides of the beaches, we anchor in Sarqui where we are safe kept from the wind and the waves, it is an space of two to four meters deep, actually it looks like if it were less than that, the water is so clear that you can see the bottom, the boat stays anchored in front of the beach and next to it there's an excellent reef for snorkeling, you can swim down there or you can go in the auxiliary boat, after lunch and a short nap, we can go to one of the most beautiful beaches located in the Espenqui point, it is like a mini pool very good for snorkeling and to the other side a long beach for walking, I can really spend ages in this beach with my life saver. When we are on our way back to the boat we go trolling with the auxiliary boat, around four o'clock its a good time for an early dinner.

The next day we arrive to Carenero. The opinion of all the visitors that have sailed all around Los Roques is that Carenero is the best place to anchor, the peace of this lagoon is indescribable, the boats stays protected by mangroves, high enough to hear all its residents, the birds that live there sing to wake you up in the morning and to fare well the day at the sunset with an aperitif, a Cuba Libre, while we start to get used to the silence that will let us think of all the things we have done and in what this magical moment inspires us to do. After Dinner, laid in one hammock with a glass of wine we will watch the sky that far away from Gran Roque with no artificial lights we can see something that I have seen as well in Gran Sabana, an sky full of stars, all of them perfectly identifiable, from the Milky Way to the Southern Cross and all the sign that should be there for that season, the nights can't be compared according to what you want to picture, warm, in the company of someone, romantic, erotically, among friends, partying with music or with out it, because either you like it or not at Gran Roque there is music every night, at the square it is really nice when there is a Saint's day or the welcoming of the lobster the rest of the nights there is music at the Bar, usually cum bias, from our Colombian brothers that the locals like to listen to, thanks God that the Unique Authority of the Area proposed that this full volume music should stop by 1:00 o'clock in the morning, so that the people could sleep, because even in the anchored sailing boat in front of Gran Roque it can be heard. >>

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