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More sailing adventure in Los Roques.

Noronqui are three islands the first one has in its entrance a wreckage, the second one is long and the third which is the one we are going to gives total protection against the wind and the waves, it is a beach that has big shallow spots and then a deep fall, most of them are like that, you can see the clear blue and suddenly a dark blue line, the boats can anchor close to the shore or to one of this shallow spots to jump over to the ground, or walk to the shore and swim in the blue deep space that these beaches give for the keels, or you can go down in the auxiliary boat to take the camera, the towels and the icebox with the beers, while the cook prepares lunch. Noronqui is a good place for snorkeling; it has many spots where you can go with the auxiliary boat and every time We anchor we are alert when we sit on the board to see some friends that come to the surface sometimes, when you hear the first sound or you see the first movement on the water you have to be ready because surely it's a turtle that raise their heads over the surface to look at us and then they go inside the water again, they go under the boat, and go out on the other side... In Noronqui sometimes there are day tours that come from the Posadas in fast boats, they leave the people there in the morning and come back for them in the afternoon to take them back to the posada, almost most of the islands are visited by this day tours, they are not many because they always leave them in Francisqui or Crasqui leaving perhaps the best islands for the people on sail boats.

The next day, when we wake up with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, there are some people that before breakfast, will take an awakening and, strengthening swim, because the water is fresh, right, neither cold nor hot, they do some exercising, a walk around the beach, you just wake up, brush you teeth, go up the stairs and take a deep breath and then jump in the water. There are some who wait till the last call for breakfast because they are very sleepy and fond of the bed listening to the sweet sound of the waves breaking against the boat, the same sound that made them sleep and he repeats to himself just ten more minutes... after breakfast they take some rest while the crew finishes cleaning the kitchen and setting everything in the boat (take the hammocks down, prepare the baits) for the next stop which would be Sarqui Island. >>

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