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Sailing in the Western Islands of Los Roques.

If sailing to Los Roques from the central coast of Venezuela the most comfortable voyage would be done by Dos Mosquises (on the archipelago's western end). On spotting land and as the boat nears, one can see how different shades of blue appear in the sky, from the deepest blue to clear green. To enter Dos Mosquises it is better to do it on the south side. The entrance can offer some difficulty due to the reef area which is why it is advisable to cross it when the tide is high. Once inside the depth varies between three and eight meters.

In the western most islands, Bequeve and Cayo Agua, there are many places to anchor with depths of 2.5 and 12 meters. Some shoals are easily seen. In Cayo Agua the recommended activities are bird watching and snorkeling in the south coast where the reef is in good condition. Among the mangrove isles which surround Carenero key there is an ideal spot for anchoring (one of the best anchorages in the Caribbean).
Approach it from the south and visualize your route. The best one seems to be towards the east from theBoat shoal that is by the entrance. To anchor in the key, relax and start sailing towards Gran Roque will allow you to enjoy the beauty and richness this park has to offer: one of the most pleasant experiences that a navigator could have.
It is not allowed to anchor in Selesqui in this moment.

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