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Sailing in the northern Islands of Los Roques.

The three Noronqui islands and its coral reef make up to brilliant blue lagoon of deep waters surrounded by several pristine beaches. In the north coast of the western most there is a sunken ship. Sail towards the southern side of the islands to enter between lower Noronqui and mid Noronqui. Following the reef in mid - Noronqui's north coast, the depth is approximately 15 meters. The most peaceful place is in upper Noronqui's west side. There are excellent beaches and the area is good for snorkeling water swimming.
To enter Crasqui from the north, pass through the sand key's west side which is in the northwest of Crasqui. If you come from the southwest go around Espenqui's south side, avoiding the reef between Isla Agustin and Espenqui. There are several shoals between Espenqui and Isla Larga, the best route being the south coast of Espenqui; there the shoals are visible and you may choose your route from among these.
In Sarqui the best anchoring ground is at the north end of the island. There you can do bird watching or snorkeling. A ride in dinghy up to the inside lagoon is highly advisable.

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Sailing in Venezuelan waters is a real adventure.

As reference points the archipelago has three light houses: one north east of Gran Roque, at the archipelago's north end (Fl. 10 sec. 272 ft. 2M) another one on the left of the entrance of Sebastopol, at the south east end of the park (Fl. 6 sec. 46ft.12M), and the third one is located at north east of West key which is the extension of Cayo Agua at the archipelago's western end. (Fl.9 sec. 72ft. 10M).

Sailing in Los Roques is safe and real easy.

There is a coast guard station at Gran Roque and there is round the clock attention to any event or emergency which might occur. Always in tune by radio marine frequency VHF channel 16 and SSB 2183. Like wise the national parks institute permanently monitors the marine radio frequency VHF channel 16 to tend to any event or emergency with park users. The institute's main station is in Gran Roque although there are several smaller stations throughout the park.

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