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Sailing Regulations in Los Roques.

• In order to navigate in the archipelago of Los Roques, interested parties must present the captain of the ship and valid documents / passports before the Gran Roque authorities (Inparques, Autoridad Unica, National Guard, Port Authority and Coast Guard). At the Autoridad Unica the equivalent of $1 / foot of ship length must be paid. At Inparques a permit can be requested in order to sail in the primitive zone area.

• The maximum length of time any ship can remain at the archipelago is 15 days.

• The maximum allowed speed in the national park is 15 knots (27 km / hr) with the exception of the primitive zone and the navigation channel where the maximum speed allowed is 6 knots (11 km /hr). Circulation must be done by established routes and keeping minimum distances in the Primitive zone of 500 meters among motor boats and 300 meters among sail or rowing boats. In natural controlled ambience. Night sailing is prohibited.

• Your ship must be equipped with safety gear and its minimum requirements such as: a life saver per person on board, two anchors, two rows (except for ships over 24 feet), a set of tools for minor repairs, a first aid kit, 2 liters of drinking water per person on board and bags for waste disposal.
• Ships may not carry on board more persons than the authorized number according to its characteristics, number of seats and registration.
• Should your ship have toilet facilities, water treatment discharge exits must remain closed during stay in the park.
• Respect all signal buoys showing limits in zona de proteccion integral
(complete protection area). Tie your ship to the special buoys located in Cayo Madrizqui.

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