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Sailing recommendations for Los Roques.

For sail lovers the cruise with an open Genova (Front sail on a sailboat) making the voyage from Gran Roque to Carenero is highly recommended. You can depart at 4 in the afternoon in order to arrive at your destination at sunset with Bach, Vivaldi or Pino Daneli being played in stereo. It is the best remedy for stress.
In general terms sailing within the archipelago Los Roques is very safe. Of course when speaking about a coralline archipelago, you must bear in mind some considerations in order to avoid any contingencies. For example in this park one must sail with the sun high up in the sky, between 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. If you must do it at other times, make sure the sun is behind you and with a crew member at the bow or in the shrouds, to detect the shoals well ahead of time.
When navigation charts indicate depths less than six fathoms, one must be very careful; the keys and shoals change quite often in time.

Bear in mind that the windward shoals and obstacles do not present any problems, but on the leeward side they are quite serious. In times of possible thunderstorms, it must be remembered to always use two anchors (one in the prow and another in stern) if this is not possible move away from the coast as much as possible.
It is always very important to anchor on sand because dropping the anchor (preferably CQR) here will not cause any damage to the ecosystem. In this way it contributes to the preservation of corals. In case the bottom can not be clearly seen due to the depth, make sure to anchor in places allowed and identified as such by the parks inside regulations.

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