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Sailing in the Eastern Islands of Los Roques.

If sailing from the east of the country (close to Caracas Carenero in Higuerote is the best starting point, having a beam reach all the way) it is advisable to enter by the Sebastopol entrance (boca) on the park's south east. It must be done carefully; due to the closeness of corals the entrance is somewhat complicated when there is strong surf. Once having gone through the entrance (0.4 km wide) the view and calm of the ocean makes one forget about any previous inconvenience. Transparent blue – green waters, soft breeze. In this area the reefs and the shoals are clearly marked. Locate the reef that divides the two channels and follow it until the end, towards the north. You will find yourself in an area of deep water, 9-18 meters with occasional sand bars.
Approximately 12 nautical miles from there one can appreciate Gran Roque, the archipelago's only island and rock formation. A very easy way to Gran Roque is by the north. Entrance is by the channel between Francisqui and Nordisqui and once in Gran Roque anchors can be dropped here south of the pier.

If you are a good reef navigator and the conditions are good, one can enter by Boca del Medio and sail in this area. This route is only done by eye sight and during the day and only with enough light. There is an anchoring ground inside the outer reef, next to a deep pool surrounded by corals. The water is clear and snorkeling is best.
To navigate in Francisqui enter through the south, pay close attention to shoals; at the entrance channel there is a depth of 4 meters. Once inside you must avoid a pair of reefs in order to reach the lagoon where the depth is 12 meters, there you will find good anchoring ground very good protection under all conditions. If you want breeze and an open landscape the north end of the lagoon is the best place; if you would like a beach, you can choose between the two eastern islands. The south end is longer, very pretty and has good anchoring ground (3.5meters) and you can anchor very close to the beach here.

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