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Organization of the national park.
In the National park of Los Roques, due to its characteristics of border region and the population's size, there are many ministries such as Health, Education, Environment, and Defense, of State, Production and Commerce. Before the creation of the park and in the first years of operation the maximum authority (La Jefatura) was the commissary, which depended on the Ministry of the State and with very limited functions in relation with the basic community services. Population growth and tourist activity made it necessary for major coordination between the public institutions in the island and in 1990 the Autoridad Unica was created as well as an ordaining plan and regulation for the use of the park. The creation of this authority which depends on the Ministry of the State makes it clear how relevant natural components and preservation of the archipelago is for the government.

The Maximum Authority (La Jefatura) is a coordinator among the existing institutions and takes it upon itself the representation of the national park. At the same time carries out operations similar to those of a mayor one of the elements which has favored the success of this institution has been the possibility of obtaining its own funds and thus carries out its policies. The Maximum Authority collects the corresponding fees such as park entrance and all those other fees from the many different tourist activities, such as concessions from sailboats and posadas, diving and fishing operators. This has made Los Roques economically independent from the rest of of Venezuela. The fact is that Los Los Roques has a much higher living standard and economically than any other place in Venezuela. Due to that fact the Crime rate is almost cero only beaten by the Maldives Islands (Indian Ocean) as being the safest tourist destination in the world. Perhaps one of the weakest points of the ordaining plan and regulations for park use has been the scarce participation of the population in the management of the park itself. An important change that has occurred in recent times has been the inclusion of the original local inhabitants through civil associations and work with Inparque (the national park authorities), and the Consejo Comunal Los Roques (The new Authority in Los Roques).

Autoridad Unica Los Roques


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