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Los Roques "The Future"

The rapid growth of Los Roques in Caribbean terms leaves a pending question: What will the archipelago be like 15 to 20 years from now? Its inhabitants have an uncertain future in their hands but full of ideas and vision. A young local man says "I'm not going to worry about what's going to happen in the next five years, because a lot of things have happened in a very short time".
A restaurant and shop owner thinks of the future as an abstraction "I just don't know. Some times I feel it's growing too fast and it's getting out of our hands, specially when it comes to looking after the ecology. There are many full day tours and there is not the same respect for the nature, since these guest only are in Los Roques for one day. you have to live here for a few days to understand this. it is respect and care, these day tour visitors don't know and no one tells them anything".
The future of children is another case in point. There is only one school and it teaches up to sixth grade, although there is an expansion project. Perhaps the only way out is the traditional way that is to send them to the nearest schools – La Guaira or Margarita – to continue studying. Some inhabitants move just so their children can go to school elsewhere and when they try to come back it is quite difficult.
Another concern for Roqueno's and authorities as well is the fact that new families can not build their own houses. It is another pending question for the future and it is here where politics of development of growth must be applied in order to create awareness over birth control, the everlasting problem of all islands and these in particular because Los Rogues also is a national park.

Another condition that has changed the the spirit of Roqueno's is the the growing value of their property. Any house in Los Roques is an investment. It is common to hear stories of those who have sold there house only to regret it. Simply because do not have the education or experience in spending and investing money, nor the needs for a dream in there life's, (they had it all, but you know about the grass on the other side etc..). These people can not adapt. People have received very good offers, and they sell only to find out that in Los Roques they live better than any where else and also the fact that it is impossible to find a house these days at a descent price anywhere in the world. (not to mentioned that the actual value of the house is nothing, the land, people and location is where the real value is.

Life in Gran Roque flows just like the soft waves of the sea which hit he coast accidentally by chance, under the look of pelicans and rare birds. Roqueno's have learnt that together they can make things happen and get solutions and understand how important it is to take care of the environment, which is after all what support every thing . Life goes on quietly without a wild show of emotion in between the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. Just like the first visitors have been seduced since the beginning of time.

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