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Nature and places of interest in the Natural Park of Los Roques.

There is no doubt that the marine and land setting of Los Roques is one of the most beautiful, best preserved and special of the Caribbean and of the world. Approximately 50 keys make up the archipelago Los Roques national park, each one different even though they share general characteristics with the archipelagos beaches of very white sand surrounded by a sea of different hues, from turquoise green to deep blue, and the typical prairie vegetation where the brown tones are predominant as well as the intense green of the mangrove. One of the biggest attractions for the visitors is to get to know the different keys that make up the archipelago. There are small keys which lack vegetation; they are simply sand dunes on the sea, where for a few hours one can feel like shipwrecked abandoned in the middle of the sea (Cayo Muerto is one of those islands). On the other islands you may enjoy deserted beaches surrounded by leafy mangroves (Cayo Remanso) or take advantage of the many tourist services in the most visited keys. Maybe this is what makes these islands so special; the possibility of choosing the most attractive of your choice everyday.
A great number of keys can be visited; the most approachable are located in the Recreation area, where there are less limitations for the performing of activities, by requesting a permit form Inparques - The National Parks Institute – (the granting of these permits depends on the number of applications made during that day for that particular location) one can visit further areas which are classified as Zona Primitiva Marina (Primitive marine areas). Only those areas classified as Proteccion Integral (Completely protected) is were access are completely restricted to visitors.

The boats men (Water Taxi Drivers) of the national park are well organized and capable of taking you to any of the keys; as well as requesting the necessary permits. The majority of them are in the Muelle de Lancheros (The boats men's pier) located in front of the landing strip. The prices established by this association are homogeneous and they can be arranged directly with the boats man or through the posadas (lodges). Some of the posadas have their own motor boats and provide the service directly to their guests.
When hiring the service, the time of return must be agreed upon with the boats man (punctuality is pretty good). The majority of boats men rent sun umbrellas and beach chairs, which is quite nice, due to the fact that the majority of keys do not have shade. You can also rent basic snorkeling equipment with these people.
In high season it is best to pre reserve this service before arrival..

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