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Nature and places of interest in the Natural Park of Los Roques.

Cayo de Agua

These arch shaped keys have a structure similar to that of an atoll within the archipelago, they are located in the southern limit of the national park less than an hour and a half in boat from Gran Roque.
Cayo de Agua takes its name from the wells of fresh water that are found in the inside part of the key next to a group of palm trees. When the water plants for the processing of sea water did not exist, these wells offered an alternative for the supply of drinking water. Some of the inhabitants explain the existence of these water wells as the result of the thickness and breadth of the sand layer that covers the key. This layer works as a sponge that stores rain water; the fresh water absorbed by the sand forms a bag that does not mix with sea water due to the differences in density. In this way the fresh water remains in these artificial wells.
The peace and loneliness found in the beaches of Cayo Agua is highly treasured by visitors. They compliment the landscape of the Punta Cocos light house with its white and red bands and the sand bar which separates this point form the rest of the key. This sand bar is one of the park's most photographed areas. Its size varies continuously due to currents and weather; at times it is a long dune which connects Punta de Cocos with the rest of the key and at others the sea passes over and joins the waters of the coasts of the two keys. Great for full day tour.

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Nature and places of interest in the Natural Park of Los Roques.

Sarqui Islands.

Sarqui is actually part of the recreation area, but due to its position it is to far away for the day tour tourist, therefore being extremely attractive for sail boaters since it has a very nice beach/beaches with a small and very beautiful channel between them.

The beach at Sarqui is very pretty, protected from winds by a barrier of mangrove; one can enjoy a landscape of quiet waters, with the boats anchored behind the Island. In the evening trawling on the leeward side of the Island with the dinghy you can easily catch the dinner by yourself using just a simple lure.

Among the attracting features of this key is snorkeling in the coral reef barrier next to the channel and on the south.

Close to these keys at about 15 minutes by boat is Cayo Fernando. It is an interesting place to visit because the most important of the fishermen shacks is found there. During the lobster fishing season up to fifty persons can live in one of these shacks built of wood. The majority are from Margarita Island that are out to catch lobster with nag nets and by diving. After the lobster season some of them remain for the fishing of shark. In this key one can observe the highest mountains of Botuto shells that there are in the park some of them invaded by the mangrove vegetation. This shell sites are a proof of the importance that this resource had a little more than a decade ago and today banned due to over fishing. In the 21st century Los Roques continues being a place of close encounter with nature, with only one requisite: To love light and silence.

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