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Places to visit in the Recreation area

Crasqui Island.

It is less than thirty minutes by boat from Gran Roque. The most interesting thing about this key is the beach which occupies nearly the whole west side. Its waters are quiet and many pelicans and Camiguana (small eatable fish, a bit smaller than a Herring) fish for their food near the beach.
The border of the coast is occupied by fishermen and their make shift housing, a site that has prevailed in the archipelago for the past century. Four of these dwellings serve as restaurants (Juanita, Don Luis, Camping Agua Clara y Don Felipe) where in a very simple environment they serve fried fish with salad, rice and Arepas (Corn bread).

"This dish is my favorite when I anchor in front of this Island, and it is a must every time I go there"

For snorkeling the most interesting places are the Venada shoals at the southern tip and the north beach. The latter is deserted and quite sought by those who want to meditate under the protection of nature. At the Juanita restaurant one can rent small sail boats, catamarans, kayaks (bring ores).
The national parks institute (Inparques) operates sometimes a base station where one can obtain all kind of information. This station is in one of the oldest constructions of the old settlement.

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