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Nature and places of interest in the Natural Park of Los Roques.

Carenero, Lanqui and Cayo Fernando Islands

Carenero is less than an hour by boat, this key makes up a setting of great beauty together with Lanqui and Isla Felipe. This set of keys encloses a lagoon of very still waters which are frequently used as an anchoring place for boats.

According to Donald Street the most beautiful anchorages and best protected of all in the entire Caribbean. Some call Lanqui Cayo Remanso (tranquil) because of its protected location and the still of its waters.

The beach at Lanqui is very pretty, protected from winds by a barrier of mangrove; one can enjoy a landscape of quiet waters, with the boats anchored in the lagoon and at the back, the bar of white sand in the leeward beach of Carenero.
Carenero has a long beach of little width which covers the entire windward coast, there are a series of make shift houses dedicated to the lobster and shark fishing. In front of the first set of houses and on the north side of the key there is a small bay with another beach, preferred by visitors.

Among the attracting features of this key is diving in the coral reef barrier on the north, and visiting the local fishermen Esiquiel and Julian in there fishing shacks enjoying a grilled Lobster during the sunset.

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