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LOS ROQUES "Wind and Kite surfing" Kitesurf

Los Roques offer world - class Windsurfing and Kite-surfing as the wind blows consistently year round.

In every Island it is possible to practice Kite surfing, and because of the shallow water with its beautiful keys and nature this is more than just a kite surfing experience....

There is a first class windsurfing camp located on adjacent Cayo Francisqui.

They rent a variety of equipment for excursions ranging from one hour to a full day of Kite or windsurfing. Private Kite surfing instruction for beginners is now possible. One of the best places is in Cayo de Agua around the center reef. You would have to charter a sailboat to enjoy this place.

Please: contact us for reservations. Recommended is Posada Gremary