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Places to visit in the Recreation area..

Francisqui Islands.
Is made up by a set of three islands (Upper, mid and lower Francisqui) very close to Gran Roque (approximately 15 minutes by boat) perfect for short visits or days of rough surf. Among the main features of these keys are its beaches, specially the one located at the west end of lower Francisqui and its beautiful view of Gran Roque and its nearby mountains, the beach at south of lower Francisqui for its view of the lagoon made up by the three keys and the beach at the west of upper Francisqui for its greatness.
Other activities besides sun bathing and swimming which are the favorites can also be done at the Francisqui. At lower Francisqui boards are available for windsurfing; at mid Francisqui one can rent canoes and kayaks and there is a restaurant where cooked lobster or broiled lobster (Nov. - April) is served as well as a variety of other sea food. A mandatory stop for lovers of marine life is La Piscina (little pool) a small lagoon of quiet waters, made by the union of two coral reef barriers of mid and upper Francisqui. The bottom of the lagoon is sandy and up to five meters deep. Most interesting are the coralline formation which surround it and the school of reef fish that swim among the coral. It is recommended to enter the water through the pier be careful with the fire coral (it can cause irritation) and not to step on the corals as this can cause permanent damage. If you are not used to swimming please carry a life vest with you. For up to date price and online reservation!

The ride form mid Francisqui beach until La Piscina is a good opportunity to enjoy the internal landscape of the keys, where patches of red and black mangrove are outstanding including the fields of prairie alike vegetation with its inside lagoons. Some of these lagoons are about to dry up but before its very salty waters are dyed red with the hues of algae which can grow in this environment. Those who like geology can see in this key one of the most developed storm terraces of the archipelago which reaches a height of almost four meters. On Francisqui Island you will find Casa Marina - a good place to have lunch or something to drink.

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