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The Archipelago Los Roques is one of the main sport fishing destinations for the catching of bonefish also known as macabi or lady fish. The shoals of Los Roques spread out through an oval shaped archipelago located 157 kilometers from the north coast of Venezuela. These shoals are dominated by Gran Roque, a rocky island inhabited by fishermen and tourist operators; the rest of the area is inhabited and is made up of dozens of virgin keys.

In the shoals and flats of Los Roques one can find besides bonefish many other types of species ideal for sport fishing such as Tarpon, Sabalo, Permit, Jacks, Bass, Mullet and Barracuda. Ask for a special day tour price!!

This fish is considered the grey ghost of the shoals. Its scientific name is Albula Vulpes and is found in the tropical sea of Central America, the Caribbean and Florida coasts in waters with temperatures of 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a silver color, it's very bony and strong providing an exciting good fight. It measures 19 inches to max. 31 inches with an 5 -10 Lbs average weight. It usually forms schools or shoals: smaller sized fish make up schools of great size while the bigger fish tend to have lonely habits.
This fish feeds in areas of stable surf and wide shoals. To feed itself it swims in the sand shoals always in constant movement, while looking for its prey among coralline formations or in sand or muddy bottoms. The Bonefish of Los Roques are bigger than the ones of Yucatan, Belize and Christmas Island, and can weigh up to 8 to 12 pounds. Fishermen sometimes compare Los Roques to the Pacific Ocean Christmas Island because as it happens there you can find bonefish of good size and in abundant quantities. The shoals of Los Roques are of great size; the majorities are firm and vary among white sand shoals, herb bottom and coral shoals. The many keys and this environment of shoals and deeper channels provide a variety of settings for the feeding and protection of this species, all making Los Roques a top destination for Fly Fishing in general and specially Bone Fishing. You can check fly fishing options here!

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA).

THE LOS ROQUES "Bonefishing Flats Index" by Henrik Bratfeldt
Flat Gran Roque South (B) Crasqui (BA) Carenero (MA) Cayo Loco (MA) Rabusqui Cayo Sal Isla Agustin Isla Fernando Los Castillos El Palafito Sandqui Madrizqui Los Corales 50 flats+

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