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Fishing techniques.
An easy style to learn recommended for beginners since it gives the fisherman ease and swiftness while at the same time it is easy to operate even in the most difficult conditions. Fishing rods between six and seven and a half feet and use jig type lures special for this type of fishing, in white, yellow, green and others.
Fly Fishing
It is the most difficult to learn. This style combines hunting ability and capturing techniques and fights with light fishing rods. The bait (fly) imitates a bonefish catch and it is made from either natural or synthetic material. The lures (flies) are light but heavy enough to sink quickly to the bottom, where this species usually feeds. Fly fishing is different to other technique in that a relatively heavy wire is used which thrusts the lure into the air almost quite close to the fish; 15 to 20 meters of wire have a higher weight than the lead used in other techniques. This method demands special mastering when making a long cast and presenting the fly in a natural way without scaring the fish away.
For Los Roques it is recommended rods 8wt and 9wt. In regards to the bait the following are the best: Pink Puff, The horror, crab patterns, Crazy Charlie, Chico Fernandez Especial, Clouser Minnows, all in sizes 4 and 6. For up to date price and reservation - contact Us!

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA)

LOS ROQUES "Bonefishing Flats Index" by Henrik Bratfeldt
Gran Roque South (B) - Crasqui (BA) - Carenero (MA) - Cayo Loco (MA) - Rabusqui - Cayo Sal - Isla Agustin - Isla Fernando - Los Castillos - El Palafito - Sandqui - Madrizqui - Los Corales with more than 50 flats+

Fishing on your own.

To fish in Los Roques it is necessary to pay the daily fee $8 to the local authority for the right to fish in the archipelago and then requesting a permit from Inparques.

It is allowed to fish on your own only in the zona de recreation and fishing by the shore. If you wish to fish in other areas (controlled natural environment or primitive marine) you must hire a specialized guide, authorized by a fishing operation who is likewise certified by the local authority. Contact us!

Alternatively you can charter a live aboard, sailboat or yacht where you can make some bonefish expeditions together with the captain on your own.

This is recommended for the real obsessed fisherman.

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