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Voyage to the bottom of the sea 2.
In Los Roques there is an almost untouched underwater environment. Up to now only twelve specific spots are visited by divers who visit the park with the great majority of reefs which make up the archipelago remaining unexplored. Since spear fishing is banned, fish get close to you and you can observe them in their natural behavior. Prohibition of trawlers a long time ago has given way to a greater abundance and size of species that can be seen through out the park.
Divers will find in Los Roques a good example of Atlantic reef and those that have had the opportunity to dive in the Pacific or Indian Ocean reefs will quickly see some of the differences. The number of coral species, fish and mollusks found here is less. In Los Roques there are no anemones or stars which feed on coral but the number of gorgonians is much higher as well as the number of marine sponges. Another difference is the rhythm of coral activity. In the Caribbean the greater part of corals extends their polyps during the night while in the Pacific it is frequent those that do it during the day. It is believed that these differences in the number of species between the Indian-Pacific and Atlantic are due to the fact that the Atlantic is more recent geologically and that during the ice age it was too cold for the survival of corals.

2 immersions a day including boat, Dive master, lead, and tanks $75,- (Pre Book before you arrive)..

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What do you need

In order to dive with your own equipment in Los Roques, it is necessary to pay a small fee to the local authority (Autoridad Unica) for the right to dive for one year in the archipelago and then a permit from the park authority (Inparques).
° Any person who wishes to practice Scuba diving in Los Roques must show Inparques or the diving operator a certificate acknowledged the Venezuelan under water federation (FVAS) which certifies that the person is capable of using the diving equipment.
Among these certificates the following may be included: PADI, NAUI, CMAS, SSI, YMCA, NADS, and BSAC. If a person has none of these then it will be necessary to take a diving course with one of the parks certified instructors.
° The smallest number allowed is two persons and the maximum is 10 accompanied by a dive master. Make your Reservation here!

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