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La Pierda de la Guasa.

(Diving in Los Roques) # 01 on map.

Level of experience: medium to advanced.

La Piedra de La Guasa is found approximately half a mile from Gran Roque. It is a rocky pinnacle that is born 35 meters under the sea and rises some until some 5 meters under the surface. Visibility is from 15 to 30 meters. It is impressive to see how schools of small fish are chased by species such as sole and tiger fish. Macarel (Carite), and Batatas swim in heat. Many sea species are abundant here. Giant Barracudas surround the smaller species. At 33 meters below the sea great rock mass separated by channels house a great number of species.

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA)