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La Cueva de los Sabalos.

(Diving in Los Roques) # 02 on map.

Level of experience: Beginner to advanced.

This place is located at the northeast end of Gran Roque. To start our trek we must swim with the rocky wall to our right, the diver's site is between 8 to 20 meters. 8 meters deep we can observe great colonies of coralline fans some which even have snails attached to them. A little deeper at 15 meters medium sized fish swim freely among rock formations. If we go up again towards the rock wall some eight meters we will find the entrance to cueva de Los Sabalos or Sabalo cave, where many fish of this kind gather here. The cave has an extension of approximately 30 meters and it is a very interesting place for night diving.

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA)