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Cavernas de Las Salinas

(Diving in Los Roques) # 09 on map.
Level of experience: medium to advanced

At the west end of the south barrier there is Las Salinas. The under water topography is extraordinary; there are entering and outgoing spots that are terraced and which gradually become almost vertical walls. At the bottom of one of these vertical walls, some 24 meters deep, there is a group of under water caves. Usually there is a slight current which runs east – west and because of this it is advisable not to anchor here and make arrangements with boats men to have divers dropped off in the cave area and then have the divers picked up 200 meters down. Once in the water we must go down some 24 meters and swim with the coralline wall to the right. One by one the caves show us their splendor separated by several meters. Perhaps what is most interesting about this round are the great diversity of sponges and branches of black coral stuck to the under soil. One of the caves has a wide entrance and with the help of a torch light, the many hallucinating colors and bizarre shapes of the living organisms can be clearly seen. Sometimes stone sharks tend to sleep inside these caves.

Level of experience: beginner (B), beginner to advanced (BA), medium to advanced (MA)